The band

The Dockside Latin Orchestra (DLO) is a 17 piece latin big band, born in 2017 from the best of Bristol’s thriving latin scene, with musicians from the UK, Cuba, and Spain. The DLO was formed by Trumpet player Joe Longridge. His love of Cuban big band music and salsa is reflected in the bands repertoire, playing music by Bebo Valdes, The Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Tito Puente and many more. The band also form original compositions arranged by Joe Longridge.


Indira Roman

Lead singer Indira Cepero Roman was born on the 27th July 1986 in Habana, Cuba. Indira’s professional life as a singer started when she was 16 with the Tabaco Band, with whom she sang from 2002 until 2009, travelling around many different islands in the Caribbean.

Her professional life in the UK began in 2009 for Salsa Kingdom, where her big personality won many hearts with her fabulous voice and captivating smile. Indira is currently performing with various Latin music projects in Bristol (UK), mainly her own project is AJI PA’TI, a folkloric, cuban band. She also collaborates extensively with Latin bands in the South West: K-Chevere, and Timbaterra.

Michel Padron

Born into an artistic family in Havana (Cuba) in 1976 he graduated in 1995 from the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory which lead him to be selected to join the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba. He has worked with Billy Cobham, Cesarea Évora, Toto la Momposina, Jaques Morelenbaun, Seckou Keita, Chucho Valdés, Leo Brower amongst many more, and has performed at various Jazz and World Music festivals in over 20 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

He has been living between Spain and the UK since 2010, and is currently working on several music projects and recently
has released the first single of his first Solo album. Also he leads the Cuban band Asere, a 12 piece band that brings to Traditional Cuban music a contemporary edge.m Blomfield

Joe Longridge

Joe Longridge is the band leader, manager and arranger for the DLO.

After completing a BA (Hons) music degree in London in 2006 he moved to Bristol and quickly fell in love with latin music. Amongst playing with a handful of latin groups he found himself conducting a 10 piece Cumbia band for 6 years. He has been running a monthly Descarga (Latin Jam) in Bristol since he arrived, which is where he discovered a lot of players for the DLO and other projects.

At present Joe runs the Dockside Latin Orchestra, the smaller Dockside Revolutions, electronic tropical crossover group Camo Clave, and his own Afro/Latin quartet.